Under 11


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Our under 11 team builds on the the work that the U9 team does by introducing the girls to playing football in 7-a-side matches Our SFA qualified coaches help develop the girls skills and encourage them to be effective team players within this context.

The people responsible for coaching the Under 11 team are Ally Kerr & Craig Duncan.

We meet for training every Tuesday night during the Spring, Summer and Autumn months at Riverview Park in Monifieth and at Pitskelly Park in Carnoustie in the Winter. We meet every week, even during the school holidfays

If you are or know someone who is interested in joing our Under 11 team then please visit our Join Us page and give some thought to getting in touch.

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  1. Hi. What time do you train on a Tuesday? Thanks

    • Hi Carol,

      Sorry, I’m not sure as I don’t work with the U11s. I’ll pass your message onto one of their coaches and they’ll get back to you.

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