Cyber Bullying


Monifieth Ladies FC is comitted to ensuring that all our players grow and thirive in a culture of friendship and trust – when they are with us and even when they are not. To this aim we are conscious of promoting appropriate conduct at all times and through all mediums, including the ever increasing digital one that our young people are growing up in. Parents and players alike may find sites like Respect Me and Think U Know websites of use when trying to make sense of this digital world.

In the meantime we subscribe to and fully support our own Cyber Bullying Code of ethics:

  • If you feel you are being bullied by email, text or online, do talk to someone you trust.
  • Never send any bullying or threatening messages. Anything you write and send could be read by an adult.
  • Serious bullying should be reported to the police – for example threats of a physical or sexual nature.
  • Keep and save any bullying emails, text messages or images.
  • Don’t reply to bullying or threatening text messages or emails– this could make matters worse. It also lets the bullying people know that they have found a ‘live’ phone number or email address. They may get bored quite quickly if you ignore them.
  • Don’t give out your personal details online – if you’re in a chatroom, watch what you say about where you live, the school you go to, your email address etc. All these things can help someone who wants to harm you build up a picture about you.
  • Don’t forward abusive texts or emails or images to anyone. You could be breaking the law just by forwarding them. If they are about you, keep them as evidence. If they are about someone else, delete them and don’t reply to the sender.
  • Don’t ever give out passwords to your mobile or email account.
  • Remember that sending abusive or threatening messages is against the law.

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