Mar 172014

One of the up and coming stars of English football is Wilfried Zaha. As a youngster he caught the eye of many a bigger club whilst playing for Crystal Palace with Manchetser United eventually deciding to splash out £10 million on him. Have a look at this video of him demonstrating his tremendous attacking skills that have some amazing tekkers wrapped up in them.

Wilfried is currently on loan at Cardiff City but will no doubt be attracting the headlines as he aclimatises to life in the English Premiership. In the meantime, why don't you try to master some of the skills that Wilfried Zaha has showcased on this video?

Mar 082014

In the latest of our occasional Tekkers posts highlighting some rather fantastic football skills we have decided this time to place the spotlight on Manchester United's Robin van Persie.

To exemplify the skill level that Robin possesses we have included two links to YouTube videos. Watch both and be inspired!

Now, we know how good a player he is and how well he can take a goal from this video that was featured on The Guardian's website that shows some amazing skills form Robin and his friends whilst visiting a soccer school in Holland.

Yet again, this is something to aspire to..just have a look at this!

It would be great to see girls from Monifieth Ladies FC and other teams demonstrating some of these skills in their games. The weather is getting better…get out there with the ball!

Jun 072013

In this latest Tekkers post aimed at developing our technical skills we have chosen to focus on the powerful and rather fantastic American forward Abby Wambach. Abby has been a stand out player for the USA national team for a number of years and is a prolific goal scorer as well as a great striking partner and all round team player. She is particularly famous for scoring an extra time winner in the 2004 Olympic Games final against Brazil AND she has scored over 100 goals in international matches.

One thing that stands out about Abby, apart from her ability, is her attitude to the game. On her website she offers this advice to any player starting out in the game:

Yeah. It’s not going to be easy. It’s not simple. It’s hard work. The sport itself is difficult to learn. I mean, look at us. We’re still making mistakes and we’ve been at it for the past 20 years. My advice to any newcomer is just to be patient and to work as hard as you can, because if you work as hard as you can, you won’t be able to look back with regrets. That’s how the women on this national team got here.

Great advice there! In this video Abby details the technique she uses to hit the ball very hard – a power shot as she calls it. Have a look and see if you can begin to improve the way that you strike the ball.

Get practising and maybe we can see some power shots raining in on the goals of our opponents on a Saturday morning!

(Photo Credit: Martin Meissner, Associated Press, via. AP caption: United States forward Abby Wambach celebrates after scoring the winning goal against France on Wednesday.)

May 182013

This is the first post in this websites Tekkers categories. By Tekkers we mean Technical skills- you know, the tricks, flicks and rater impressive ball skills that let you do the business on the pitch – and these are what we aim to help develop, learn and celebrate at Monfieth Ladies FC.

There are a a number of tutorial videos online  to help you develop your tekkers and this one is really helpful. It's by ProX Tutorials and focuses on a really clever move by Hatem Ben Arfa from Newcastle United. Have a look…

Who will be first to perfect this skill by Hatem Ben Arfa?